The HOC will follow all WHO, Polish Government and ICF recommendations, restrictions and rules at the time of the competition.


  • HOC ensure availability to handwashing, alcohol-based hand sanitizer and hygiene facilities at multiple locations in the event facility and accommodation (all points on Malta regatta course map- page 5).
  • HOC ensure good hygiene signage across all venues, changing rooms, training facilities.
  • HOC provide each participant with a clean water bottle.
  • HOC provide tissues and containers to dispose of used tissues with lids available on all buses and in all facility changing rooms.
  • HOC ensure medical masks, ready for use by organizers’ medical staff and sick individuals,
  • HOC provide dedicating cleaning staff to disinfect door handles, toilet handles, bathroom faucet handles, in all areas several times per day
  • HOC will announce one month priror competition (if possible):
    - where an individual diagnosed with COVID-19 cases will be cared for and isolated,
    - where confirmed cases will be quarantined,
    - a place where a large number of people can be quarantined in case of a large number of athletes or event staff being exposed,
    - predetermine emergency contacts with local health authorities.


!!! Anyone participating in the event (athlete, volunteer, official, food handler etc.) should proactively and regularly check their health status (including taking their temperature, and monitoring for any symptoms).

!!! Anyone due to participate in the event who is feeling ill should not come to the venue and be advised on the designated contact online or by telephone


  • minimizing the time the guest is at the reception desk,
  • follow ventilation, cleaning and disinfection,
  • limit the number of employees using shared spaces simultaneously,
  • limiting the routine cleaning of rooms, which should only be done at the client's request,
  • regular disinfection, at least every hour, of general toilets, lifts, reception desk (after each guest), door handles, handrails, handles, services, social facilities and other frequently touched surfaces,